The followings are the frequently asked questions by myUTeM app users. If there are any other questions, please contact us at +606-270 1000 (Telephonist Assistance) or email us at

myUTeM is the official mobile application of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, which has been developed by the UTeM Knowledge and Communication Services Centre. It has been fully used for Android, iOS and Huawei platforms.

The following are the functions that can be used (to date) in this myUTeM application

User Module
  • My Profile
  • Staff Attendance
  • Attendance Log
  • Attendance to Official Events
  • Permanent Staff Leave Application
  • Fine/Summon Check
  • ICT Course Attendance
  • Donation
  • User Feedback
  • Password Reset
  • Notification
  • Student Profile
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Attendance Record
  • Debt Status
  • Fine/Summon Check
  • Coursework Marks
  • Academic Calendar
  • Examination Results
  • Courses Info
  • Tuah Care Food@Campus
  • Attendance to Official Events
  • Account Statement
  • eVoting
  • Donation
  • User Feedback
  • Password Reset
  • Notification

The latest version of myUTeM is 3.10.2

The minimum requirements for this mobile application are as follows

Storage Capacity 45 MB
Operating System
  • Android (7.0 Nougat)
  • iOS (8.0)
  • HarmonyOS (1.0)
Other Requirements
  • Stable internet access using WiFi or mobile data
  • Stable GPS access
  • Location, Camera and Storage functions enabled

On the main page of the mobile app

For Location functionality, make sure you select High Accuracy mode (Use GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile network to determine)

(Example as below)

Alert: No internet access or location is not activated
  • Please make sure your smartphone has stable internet coverage and GPS signal.
  • If you are in a building, please try it in another location. The best location is in an open area and has no restrictions
  • If you are using mobile data and it doesn't work, switch to use UTeM Wifi access and try again to record attendance.
  • If you use UTeM Wifi and it doesn't work, switch to using mobile data and try again to record attendance.
  • If you have tried using both UTeM Wifi and mobile data, and still to no avail, please activate Flight Mode for a few seconds and deactivate it again. Try re-recording your attendance.
  • If this problem still persists, restart your smartphone and try again
Registration activation is 24 hours This alert will be displayed if you have done one of the following:
  • Uninstall this application and reinstall
  • Log out of the application and log in using a different username
  • Using one username to log into two smartphones

Student's Attendance FAQ